Now, let us get down to the facts on skiing.  This section covers the basics to this much-loved winter sport.

-    The History of Skiing
-    Skiing Holidays: Here are the Many Reasons Why
-    Skiing Equipment: Let’s Get You Geared Up!
-    Snow Skiing: A Photo Gallery

We would also want to take this opportunity to debunk some common myths about skiing.

Myth #1: Skiing is only for the rich

Admittedly, you have to spend some money for you to indulge in the sport.  But skiing is not limited to the super rich.  The sport does not necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg!  There are a number of budget ski resorts that can provide you with opportunities for skiing without you having to fork out a lot of money.  Also, ski resorts have ski equipment for rent, so that you need not buy the whole set of gear.

The amount you need really depends on a number of things – the time of the year (go during off-peak seasons), the type of resort (there are budget resorts that will do the trick), as well as the kind of transport and accommodation.

Myth #2: Skiing is a dangerous sport

We must admit, there are risks to the sport, as in any other sport.  But the risks can be minimized if you follow the safety rules prescribed.  If you ski only on marked-off trails, there shouldn’t be any major problems.  It only becomes an extreme sport when you make it so.

Extreme skiing is only for those who have the necessary abilities.  Of course, you wouldn’t want go to the other extreme and be over-cautious and avoid the more challenging ski trails.  That is not the goal.  All you need is to maintain a good balance between your skills as a skier and the challenge a trail can pose.  The key is to strengthen your skills – just like learning to play an instrument, the more you practice, the more you become skillful. In turn, you are able to do more.  So, practice, practice, practice. You may be able to ski the more challenging pistes before you know it.

Myth #3: Skiing is only for the physically fit

Of course, being physically fit is an advantage, but it is not a prerequisite.  People from all ages and fitness levels enjoy this sport.  In fact, there are people with disabilities who still get to go traipsing down the trails.  These disabilities range from blindness, fear of heights and in some cases, someone who lack a limb have been known to ski (and have fun, at that).  So, there shouldn’t be a hindrance if you really want to ski.  One piece of advice you must consider is the fact that physically preparing for your skiing adventure would be a big help.

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