What’s to be enjoyed in a skiing holiday?  You may ask.

Well, let us outline the reasons here why skiing is one of the most popular winter sports.

1.    The Challenge: Imagine yourself conquering the toughest trails available.  Picture in your mind how you zip past all the rest, as you jump and turn with grace and expertise.  From the moment you started to wobble down a slope dedicated to novices, you get this feeling that with continuous practice you will finally get out of it and get on to the more difficult ones.  Part of the allure of skiing is the bragging rights you get when you have mastered the art.  Many others have shown their expertise and it really feels good to be part of that exalted company.

2.    The Experience: Indeed, the feel of skis gliding across freshly fallen is simply enchanting.  The exhilaration of zipping down a steep trail, along with the aroma of the trees, the tangy coldness of the ice and the wind and the sheer beauty of the surroundings are what makes the experience of skiing worthwhile.  The view of the snow from the gondola or ski lifts makes you want to go down on the snow ASAP.

3.    The Adrenalin High: Woohoo!  You cannot help but let out an excited shout as you zip down a steep and bumpy run.  If you are in the need for speed, skiing will do the trick. The experience gives you quite a rush that you will not forget.  You will come to enjoy the fact that your thighs are burning and you can hardly catch your breath as you look back and see the tracks you have made.

4.    Ski resort amenities: Ski resorts offer more than just skiing.  After a whole day’s run, you can still look forward to chatting with friends while sipping a hot cup of chocolate or sitting on the terrace as you enjoy the view of verdant pine forests and snow-covered mountains.  You also have the option of taking a long, hot swim at the heated pools some resorts may offer.

5.    Other activities: Skiing in some of the world’s best ski resorts can also give you a wide variety of entertainment options.  You can indulge in some of the best shopping, get out and enjoy a beer at a nearby pub or wine and dine at some of the world’s best restaurants.  Some towns also have historic and cultural value, so that you can leisurely explore its streets and be swept back in time.

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