When one speaks of Australia, the image that comes to mind is the billabong, and of course, the almost-ubiquitous koalas and kangaroos.  But you will be surprised that there is snow, snow, snow in Australia!

Every year, the months from June to October is the season for you to go ski, ski, ski in Australia!  The excellent thing is that since it is at the opposite of the northern hemisphere, just when you thought skiing is done, it is just about to start in Australia.

The scenery alone is a fair inducement to visit the ski resorts that call Australia their home.  Lush green forests, blended with snow-covered mountains, sheer cliffs and fabulous waterfalls – all these make for one unforgettably beautiful skiing holiday.

Australia boasts of the Victorian Alps (which is the place to go when skiing).  The Victorian Alps are actually a part of a bigger range – the Australian Alps, which span the length of central Victoria to northern Queensland.

Prepare yourself for wooshing across the clean powdery snow.  Take your pick – you can go ski boarding, downhill skiing and cross country skiing.  Even better, you can have a go at some night skiing, as well as glacier skiing.

This winter wonderland is home to quite a number of ski resorts – ranging from the posh and über classy to the simple, no-frills deal.  The skiing hotspots are generally clustered at Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria.  The “don’t miss this when you are skiing in Australia” checklist includes Mount Mawson, Bullocks Flat, Mount Blue Cow, Charlotte Pass, Smiggin Holes, Saint Gwinear and Mount Buller.

The ski resorts in Australia are imbibed with their own “personality” so to speak.  Each one has something to offer the discerning holiday skier.  And they also provide you with a wide range of services – shopping galore, scrumptious dining choices, quality childcare, ski lessons and more.

Aside from skiing, you can also enjoy the great outdoors and indulge in a wide variety of activities that let you commune with nature – boating, skiing, hiking (or bushwalking) and mountain climbing.  There are ski resorts that have just a straightforward set of trails up to full-service resorts set on a sprawling 1,000 hectares.

The great thing is that the ski resorts are just a few hours’ drive from Australia’s major cities – Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney.  There are even bus services that leave at the crack of dawn to ensure that you have all the time you need to indulge in your passion for skiing.

As for charm, you will spy some of the ancient huts that still exist (some even are in use up until now) and add to the experience of skiing in Australia.

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