Banff, the Big White, the Rocky Mountains, Mont Saint Sauveur, Blue Mountain, Whistler and Sun Peaks are just some of the reasons for you to try and go get some skiing action in Canada.  Canada is where you go for real snow – you can be assured that snowmaking facilities don’t have their place here.

And the snow is absolutely nothing to be sneezed at.  White, pure and powdery snow is yours for the taking – you don’t have to worry about slush.  The snow will usually be a perfect joy to ski on.  Canada, after all, is known to ski enthusiasts as the world’s backcountry capital.

The ski resorts in Canada span the country from end to end.  Canada’s ski resorts cater to all – the family-oriented skiers, the experts who are looking for their adrenaline rush and even the extreme adventurers who want to go heli-skiing or cat-skiing.

Canada, of course, is known for its long and intense winters.  This is because Canada sits above the 49th parallel.  Mix this with a plethora of hills and mountains, as well as river valleys and glaciers, you are assured that skiing is one great experience.  You can breathe in the mountain air, which is generously mixed with the scent of pines.  You can listen to the shouts and laughter of people simply having the time of their life at the ski slopes.

An added bonus to Canada’s superb skiing opportunities is the awe-inspiring scenery that is a definite showcase.  This includes waterfalls, lush, green forests, frozen lakes and glaciers.

You will also be surprised at the warmth and friendliness that you will encounter at any ski resort in Canada.  Canadians, after all, are a very friendly people who can talk up a storm, even with new-found friends.  One ski resort even welcomes you with bear hugs. What’s a greater way to begin your morning than a great big hug to brighten your day.

Canada’s ski resorts also boast of excellent accommodations, superb dining and shopping.  Do try the west coast salmon – which is one of the best specialties in the country.  The cuisine has a distinct French flavor.  The good thing is you can enjoy great value for money when dining here, compared to dining in Europe.

You can also choose from among the luxury ski resorts, to the smaller and more private ski resorts.  Yes, ski resorts in Canada come in all shapes, sizes and budget range.  It all really comes down to what you want.  So go ski!  There are many places where you can indulge in this highly enjoyable sport.

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