Why ski in Europe?  Let me count the ways.

Europe is worlds apart from other ski hotspots such as the United States and Australia.  Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, France, Spain and Austria boast of some of the world’s unforgettable skiing opportunities.  Of course, the fact that Europe is supremely blessed with dramatic mountain ranges spells all the difference.  You have to admit, the mountains in Europe are quite grand, soaring up to the sky.  Their jagged lines beckon the avid skier, challenging him to brave the heights for the ultimate skiing experience.

Imagine what you can do with vertical drops that soar to as high as 6,600 feet!  Oh, the excitement!  Start with St. Anton (in Austria) with 4,400 feet, Cortina (Italy), which has almost 6,000 feet, with Davos (Switzerland) and Les Arcs (France) going over 6,000 feet.  How’s that for getting the adrenaline pumping?

And when you need some downtime from skiing, you can sit, relaxed, as you sip a warm cup of cocoa or coffee. This is a perfect time to chat with old friends and meet new ones.

Now, let us look at where you can go when you want to have the ultimate of ski holidays in Europe.  Andorra has 65 mountain peeks, with kilometers upon kilometers of prepared ski tracks.  Austria will wow you with its fabulous alpine sceneries – great for unforgettable après-skiing.  Bulgaria, with its soaring mountains, offers one of the best conditions for alpine skiing, while you can chill out in the Chilean Andes in Chile, which also feature opportunities to ski volcanic peaks.

Now, Czech Republic, which has quite a number of national parks, has mountains upon mountains that offer an amazing backdrop to your skiing activities.  Finland is home to a number of ski races – Off-Trail Race World Championships is just one.  Because of Finland’s weather, you can be assured of excellent snow, even as other countries are just wrapping up the skiing season.  For the ultimate in luxury, of course, the place to go is in France, which is truly a standard of its own when in comes to ski destinations.   The Bavarian Alps in Germany is home to some of the country’s best resorts.  Now, if you are hankering for more adventure, Iceland has a lot of glaciers for you to ski on.  Take note, though, that this activity is quite dangerous, so if you are not that an expert, better hold it off until your skills are up to par with it.  For the best year-round skiing in choice destinations, Italy is the place to be, with the Calabria, Apennines and Abruccia regions.  After all, Italy is home to quite a number of top-notch Alpine skiers.

Yodelehoo!  The ultimate in skiing is in Switzerland, with its lakes and mountains, plus world-class facilities.

Whew!  How’s that for reasons?  You just know that you have never really skied until you ski in Europe.

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