Other Parts of the World

How about ski resorts in other parts of the world?  Let us give you the lowdown of what you can expect:

1.    Argentina: The snow-capped Argentinean Cordilleras have long played witness to many a skiing competition.  The steep slopes are perfect for you to master those daring turns and stems.  Learn Alpine skiing as you woosh through plains and valleys, along gorgeous mountain views.

2.    India: Others may think that with the summer heat, India would be the last place for one to indulge in skiing.  Thanks to its European heritage, India boasts of places such as Nainital, Manali, Mussourie and Shimla.

3.    Japan: Japan is skiing with karaoke on the side.  Japan is also blessed with an eclectic mix of the most modern and the supremely serene.  What’s more, snow-capped mountains are sprinkled with cultural opportunities (temples and historic sites) so you can get the chance to enrich your knowledge of this fascinatingly rich culture. When in Japan and you want to get into the best ski resorts there, visit Hokkaido, or the Hakuba and Nagano areas.

4.    South Korea: Since South Korea is another winter wonderland, you can expect lots of snow – the thick kind that is such a pleasure to ski in.  Keep in mind, though, that the skiing season is from December to March.  Most of South Korea’s ski resorts are centered in the Gyeonggi-do, Jeollabuk-do, Chungcheongbuk-do and Gangwon-do provinces.  Gyeonggi-do offers excellent opportunities for night skiing.

5.    Lebanon: Lebanon’s six ski resorts (The Cedars and Faraya-Mzaar, for example) are nothing to sneeze at, especially when you consider the fact that the 2009 Asian Winter Games are slated to be held there.

6.    Morocco: If you want to take the road less traveled, then Morocco is a good choice.  Morocco has two ski resorts, which are at their skiing best during the June to August.  Mind you, these ski resorts offer their ski facilities at very reasonable prices – a day at the slopes will only set you back $25, at most.  Atlas Mountains is the choice when you want to go cross-country skiing.  But you should bear in mind that accommodations minimal, so you may need to have your own camping and ski equipment.

7.    New Zealand: New Zealand’s Southern Alps provide much of the reason why New Zealand is renowned as a ski destination. One particular town to visit is the fabulous  Queenstown.  The good think about New Zealand’s terrain is that it is so varied that there is something for everybody here – the beginner, the intermediate skier, the expert along with the downright adventurous.

8.    Turkey: Turkey has since remained a well-kept secret among ski enthusiasts.  Well, until now.  Come October’s end, skiers flock to the Uludag Mountain, Antalya , Sarykamysh, and Palandoken massif.

Yes, in skiing, you are not limited to the US, Canada or Europe.  Others have enjoyed the ski scene at these places, so why don’t you as well?

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