Ski resorts in the United States offer one amazing package – stunning scenic beauty, world-class amenities and infrastructure, warm and friendly service and a diverse climate.  Indeed, you can be prepared for an unforgettable ski holiday.

Now, let us name a few major areas you may want to consider when it comes to ski resorts in the United States.  There is the Alaskan Mountains, California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, as well as New Hampshire’s Appalachian Mountains.  Of course, let’s not forget Olympic locations such as Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resort.  After all, Utah is dubbed as having “the greatest snow on earth”.  These are just some of the choices for terrains that promise adrenaline pumping adventure.

And the ski trails are wide and spacious – plenty of space for the horde of ski enthusiasts and beginners alike.  There are plenty of bumps, runs, steeps, off-piste, vertical rises to excite and push you to your limits.

And oh, the snow!  There is plenty of it to wallow in, most of which are the fresh powdery kind.  Yes, this makes for a great skiing experience.

Because of the United States’ natural gifts, the ski slopes are simply awesome!  You can have it any way you want – sedate and relaxed, or rough and tough.  What’s more, you can still entertain yourself after having had your day at the ski slopes.  There is a wide range of choices of activities you can indulge in – a tour of picturesque villages, a round of souvenir-shopping, sight-seeing and adventures in nature – hiking, fishing, and boating. Other activities you can do in the snow include snowmobiling, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.

The villages are usually steeped with a culture and history that makes them worthwhile places to explore and enjoy a night out.  One example of a historic town would be Telluride, which is nestled in the San Juan Mountains.  It is not only known for its excellent ski trails, but also for the fact that this was where Butch Cassidy started his career of robbing banks.  Towns such as Telluride and many other US towns will take you back to an era that will form part of the holiday memories you will cherish.  Meanwhile, Jackson Town offers a Wild, Wild West vibe where you can be a ski cowboy, if that’s what you want.

One other thing you will enjoy when you are out relaxing at a U.S. resort is the extremely relaxed atmosphere typical of US ski resorts.  You can just “chill out” as you relax by the bar for a few drinks.

As for facilities, you can count on ski resorts to be well equipped.  You usually don’t have to line up for the ski lift, which also affords some of the best scenery.  For those who are bringing the whole family, there are excellent childcare services and child-friendly trails and adventure centuries.  There are also quite a number of excellent ski schools.  The accommodations are also varied – you can splurge and spend your vacation in the lap of luxury or just go barebones at a budget ski resort.

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