Other Attractions

Now, not all ski resorts can boast of having the best slopes.  However, some ski resorts aim to renowned for a specific area.  We understand that your skiing holiday would entail more than just the snow and the beauty of powder.  If there are a hundred and one ways to skin a cat, there are also a hundred and one ways to have a great time during your ski holiday.

Here are some things you should also consider when choosing a ski resort:

-    Lack of Crowds:  If you enjoy your solitude and the opportunity to ski in slopes no one has gone before, look for a ski resort that, although it is smaller, can offer a modicum of privacy and solitude.
-    Groomed trails: Are you at that point in your skiing where you just want to have a smooth and long run, with nary an obstacle or crease to ruin the ride.  There are ski resorts that specialize in grooming their slopes.  Snocats go uphill and downhill in an effort to “iron out” all the creases so that the result are slopes of smooth snow.  An example of this would be Sun Valley Resort in Idaho.
-    Bumps: Now, if you are the opposite and are hankering for slopes that challenge you with glades, moguls, bumps and chasms that rise at 50 degrees, a ski resort such as Winter Park is for you.  This is where you get your chance to pit your skills with adrenaline-inducing slopes  The bump-ridden pistes will truly bring out the best of your abilities.
-    Snowboarding opportunities: Now, if you want to indulge in other snow sports, go and try surfing the slopes at ski resorts such as Morzine, in France.  The resort is home to numerous snowboarding fanatics, who, like you, delight in the joys of a good halfpipe, an all-new Stash run and not one, but two, fun parks.
-    Romantic spots: If you are looking for an ideal place to have a romantic getaway with your significant other, visit cozy little villages and ski resorts such as La Bouitte, in St. Marcel de Belleville, France.  Walk hand in hand along the hamlet, take a refreshing dip at the Jacuzzi or snuggle up at one of the cozy rooms the resort has to offer.
-    Scenery:  Refresh yourself with the jaw-dropping beauty that is the backdrop of many a ski resort, such as the ones in Lake Tahoe, Heavenly in California or the Canadian Rockies.  You should also consider the ski resorts in Cortina (Italy), Stowe (Vermont), Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (France), Mont-Tremblant (Quebec) and of course, Banff/Lake Louise (Alberta).
-    Gastronomic delights: Ski resorts should also have an excellent set of gastronomic offerings – restaurants that offer the finest in food.  You time out of the ski slopes will be all the better if you can relax and dine as you have your fill out mouth-watering delights.
-    Close to the Airport: If you’re the type who does not want to travel far and waste hours that you would rather spend at the slopes, look for ski resorts that are near the airports.  That way, you can fly and ski, without spending another minute in unnecessary travel.  Examples of such ski resorts are the ones near Denver or Salt Lake City, as well as the fabulous Jackson Hole.

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