Events in the World

There are a number of winter sports events in the world of skiing.  As a would-be skiing enthusiast, you should get acquainted with some of these major events.  You never know, you might find yourself participating in one of these events.

-    Winter Olympic Games: This is where the world’s best meet to pit their skills against one another.  In 2010, the XXI Winter Olympics is slated to be held at Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.  The Winter Olympics is composed of skiing events such as freestyle skiing, cross country skiing and alpine skiing (includes slalom, giant slalom, super G, downhill and combined).  The Winter Olympics is structured similar to the Olympic Games.  It is held once ever four years.  Other winter sports include ice hockey and snowboarding.
-    Winter X Games: Extreme sports enthusiasts hold the Winter X Games in conjunction to the X Games.  These concentrate on action sports involving skiing and are usually held in Aspen, Colorado.  Skiing events include the monoskier X, the super pipe, skier X and the slope style.
-    World Cup Championship in Skiing: This event is hosted by the International Ski Federation.  This biennial affair has competitions for both men and women.
-    NASTAR racing: this involves the speed by which one negotiates a specific course.  There is a universal handicapping system that will help you know your score.
-    Inferno Race: This is a popular ski event for amateur skiers.  The Inferno Race is held in Europe and involves Downhill, Giant Slalom and Cross Country skiing.  This is said to be the world’s biggest non-professional Alpine ski competition.

-    Santa Ski and Board Challenge: This is more for fun than anything else.  Skiers are required to get into Santa gear and race for 5 kilometers.
-    Speed Race: Enter at your own risk.  The race is only a short 130 meters long.  However, all racers are required to ski down the slope at the same time.  Imagine the chaos!  However, this is still a popular skiing event, as skiers are naturally inclined towards danger.
-    La Sgambeda Marathon:  Held at the Spol Valley, this annual contest is composed of 42 kilometers of trail that encourages thousands to get involved.  The marathon ends at the Cross Country Stadium, where the winner is rewarded with a whopping 5,000 euros.
-    Bettmeralp Waterslide Competition: To add to the challenge, the competition requires one to plunge down a short slope and then cross a pool of icy water.

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