Here’s to you who are looking for the opportunity to shine as the best and brightest in the world of skiing.  No more blue slopes for you.  You are off to get your adrenaline rush. The passion would be for slopes that would challenge your skills and bring out all that you know – narrow chutes with four-foot drops, big air, steep pistes, bowls that are above treeline, near vertical runs, off-piste backcountry trails and a whole list of challenges.  The thrill is there for the taking.

When you have mastered the blue slopes, it’s time for you to try the challenge of a beyond-double-black run and bring out the daredevil in you.

Here are some resorts that offer ski experiences that can never be called boring:
-    Aspen, Colorado: Of course, Aspen tops the list once again.  It has a number of mountains which offer acre upon acre of challenging terrain park runs and steeps.  Aspen Mountain (aka Ajax) is highly popular for its double black runs, moguls and steeps.  Speed through Highland Bowl (with a 48-degree slope) or Go-Go-Gully.
-    Jackson Hole: This US ski resort is home to the Cody bowl and Corbett’s Couloir, which, if you are able to survive with skill and panache, will endow you with the right to brag about it to your skiing buddies.  Quite a few of the trails are groomed – almost all of them, though, are steep.
-    Chamonix, France: Three words – fantastic yet fatal.  Its glaciers, crevasses and cliffs have been kknown to claim many lives, so you have to be careful here.  Your ski guide will want to test how well you ski before he even brings you to its main runs.
-    Whistler, Canada: This is heaven for serious skiers.  You can head right off to the tricky trails right after you get off the ski lift.  There are also secret entrances to bowls and couloirs, which makes the resort an ideal place if you want to have the slope to yourself.  Whistler also boasts of the Diamond, Sapphire, West and Garnet Bowls.  There is even a couloir with not one, but two, six-foot staircase drops.  Definitely not for the amateur or faint of heart.
-    Breckenridge Ski Resort, Colorado: Its trails are composed of over 50% expert trails.  So there is a lot in store for expert skiers here!  There are great opportunities for backcountry skiing and skiing in glades and bowls, as well as a terrain park for those wanting the extra challenge.
-    Mammoth Mountain, California: Visit here for excellent backcountry trails and terrain parks.  The advanced trails are to be found near the mountaintop.
-    Verbier, Switzerland: Extreme skiing, here we come  This is where you can find a lot of winter competitions, as well as extreme skiing opportunities.  With names such as Rock Garden or Stairway to Heaven, you know that the trails here will expect much from you.  The resort, as well as the surrounding ones, also offer ski instruction for expert skiers.  These are considered some of the best in Europe.

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