Skiing Competitions

Let us now look at the many ways skiers compete to see who the best is in the sport.  Here is a list of skiing competitions:

1.    Slalom skiing:  This is part of the disciplines of alpine skiing and involves gliding thought poles set up for the competition.  These poles are spaced closely so that the skier has to make quick and short turns.   This tests the flexibility, control and balance of the skier.  Slalom skiing is usually found in events such as the World Cup Championships, as well as National Team Events.

2.    Biathlon: This requires a competitor to ski as he is trying to hit a target.  The skiers don their cross country skis and a harness for carrying the rifle.  Some contests add a minute to the skier’s time for every target that he misses.

3.    Downhill skiing: Speed down steep slopes – the one who does this the fastest comes out as the winner.

4.    Freestyle Aerials: This requires the skier to launch himself up the air and then do stunts while he is aloft.  Some maneuvers are called the backscratcher, Daffy and Front Tuck.  The criteria for judging is based on the skier’s gracefulness, how they launch themselves into the air, what moves they are able to make and how they land.

5.    Freestyle mogul: This competition is about staying upright on the snow as you try to negotiate bumps (some of which are up to four feet high), halfpipes and giant slaloms.    The course is over 700 feet long.

6.    Combined downhill:  This is a combination of the downhill race with two slalom runs.  This also awards the medal to the fastest racer.

7.    Cross County Skiing:  These involve races that are from 5 kilometers to 50 kilometers long.  The courses may vary so that there are parts that go uphill, parts that go downhill and parts that are smooth and flat.

8.    Giant Slalom: This event is very similar to the slalom except the turns are wider.  The skiers are made to do one run each of two specific slopes.  The scores for the two runs are then added up to determine the winner.

9.    Nordic Combined: This is a blend of ski jumping and cross country.  The skiers have to do two jumps and then race using cross country skiing.  The jumps are done in the first day – the distance covered per jump is added up.  On the second day, the one with the farthest jumps gets to ski first, followed by the one with the second-longest distance, and so on.  The winner will be the one who will finish the race first.

10.    Snowboarding:  For this competition, there are four events – women’s halfpipe, men’s halfpipe, women’s and man’s parallel giant slalom.

11.    Ski Jumping:  In this event, the contestant is expected to launch himself up the air after skiing down a steep ramp and then he will try to land as gracefully as he can.  Scores depend on the skier’s grace and the distance covered by their jump.

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