Spring Skiing

Ah, spring!

Warmer temperatures need not mean that you pack up those skis and store them in your basement closet!  This season is just another opportunity for you to indulge in some spring skiing.

Here are some ski resorts that offer great skiing experiences.  These maintain the excellent quality of their snow, so you have good slopes with the added bonus of less crowds, less cold and less clothes! You can even ski in your swimsuit!  Plus, it would be an excellent time for you to work on your tan.

-    Jackson Hole (Wyoming): With solid snow even during springtime, you are challenged to greater heights in your ability to ski.  There are a number of off-piste areas and variable terrain that makes this a haven for slope lovers, even when winter time is at an end.
-    La Parva (Chile): The Andes mountains provide great skiing action under the sun.  This is also were you can catch one of the best heli-skiing experiences in the world.
-    Faraya Mzaar (Lebanon): This is home to the Bekaa Valley, which can easily challenge the slopes you can find in Europe.  This is Lebanon’s gift to the skiing world.  Spring is actually the best season to go here, as the weather is warmer and the snow is quite fresh.
-    La Hoya (Argentina): Patagonia’s pride when it comes to skiing.  Because of the expansive circular glacier basin, it has a center in which all ski runs merge into.
-    Val d’Isere (France): Powder, powder all around!  Because of a feeding glacier and its high altitude, this resort in Savoie boasts of superb powder will into the early summer.
-    Kirkwood (California):  Lake Tahoe is blessed with awesome snow-covered peaks until April.  Undoubtedly, Kirkwood ranks as the area’s best, with its off-piste slopes and secret nooks.
-    Verbier (Switzerland): Ski the Alps sans the hustle and bustle of the crowds.  If you want more peace and quiet, visit Verbier during spring time.  It still has its excellent runs such as the Gentianes bump run, with the bonus of shorter queues to ski lifts.
-    Mt. Buller (Australia): The coming of spring does not seem to make a difference on the snow on Mt. Buller – you will find its quality comparable to the snow during winter.  What’s more, spring in Australia means skiing in August, September and onwards.  Springtime is also a great time to go here as there are a number of snow sports holding their competition come springtime.
-    Chamonix (France): Springtime is funtime at Chamonix, which is famed not only for its Alpine runs, glaciers and cross-country skiing, but also for the museums, art galleries and concert halls that find their home here.

The key to spring skiing is either to go high, or to go north.

When spring skiing, take note of the following:
-    Sunscreen: You could just not get enough of this, as there is stronger sunshine that can cause you to burn.  So slather up on the sunscreen, especially on areas that are left uncovered.  Goggles and sunglasses will also be helpful.
-    The right gear: a good rubbing of spring wax on your skis will spell the difference between slogging through the spring snow and a smooth ride.

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