by Regions

Okay… one of the first questions to ask when you want to ski is: where?

Now, here are some basic facts about ski resorts and ski areas.  A ski area is basically a recreational facility located near or on a hill or a mountain.  The ski area comes with the basic facilities one needs for skiing – ski trails, ski lifts, and restaurants.

A ski resort just went a step (or several steps father than that).  Aside from the facilities of a ski area, it invariably has facilities for other snow sports such as dog-sledding, snowmobiling and ice skating.  It also has equipment and facilities to make your experience more enjoyable.

Now, what are the things one must consider when choosing a ski resort?  We have to admit, with the many choices you have, finding the right one may be a hard exercise, or more like an overwhelming one! Here are some things you may want to think about before you make your decision:For beginners – look for a ski resort that has facilities that are especially dedicated to your needs.  Another consideration is that you would not want to be skiing in a slope where there are a lot of people zipping past you.

Kind of trails: there are different trails that suit your abilities, as well as the level of challenge you want to face.  (However, bear in mind that you should not bite off more that you can chew!)

Kind of snow: This depends on the area and also on the season or time you visit the ski resort.  Snow ranges from very wet (wet granular), starting to melt (slush) to hard at the top (crust).  The most popular kind is the powdery snow, which is fresh fallen snow.

Facilities – as much as possible, also look at how you can make the most of your skiing holiday.  Choose a resort that has facilities that can keep you entertained when you are not on the ski slopes.  Also, you should look at equipment such as ski lifts, shuttles to the slopes, a ski rental shop and so on.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of ski resorts for you to choose from.  And at first glance, the list may seem to be a case of severe information overload.  However, if you know what you want, you can well be on your way to find a resort that will give you the time of your life as you discover and learn to love the world of skiing.

Remember, the primary thing for you is to have fun.  That’s what’s important.  So select a ski resort that has all the potential for providing this.